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Dune Dogz

30th November 2018

Dune Dogz are a loose fraternity of surfers that sit under the Gisborne Boardriders umbrella. The focus of this group is the riding and promotion of alternate crafts within surfing.

Historically Dune Dogz have run events such as the Dunga Derby (a vintage log contest), a single fin shortboard contest and a series of longboard events. In addition they have a strong hand in putting on the Makorori Firstlight Longboard Surfing Classic and the Tauawhi Surfers Against Domestic Violence Event and have a travelling surf team.

The Major Focus for the year to come is establishing the East Coast Log Jam, an invitational international log event which will run in April 2019.

The Vision of Dune Dogz is to create lifelong surfers who ride multiple crafts to a really high standard and have a lot of fun doing it.

The archetypal Dune Dog wride a longboard, shortboard, hand plane, waka ama, bodysurf and be keen to give anything else they come across a go.

They judge a surfers success by their stoke factor and style rather than their contest results.

They have a passion for sustainability both of surfing but also the planet they live on.

The Dune Dog actively promotes a healthy water culture where they are friendly to everyone and frequently give a set wave to someone that looks like they need it.

The Dune Dog would be ashamed if they did not turn up without a plate of homemade food. Being gnarly is a hungry occupation for all and it makes the Dune Dog proud to feed their mates.

Most importantly the Dune Dog makes decisions based on the good of surfing as a whole and views surfing as an artform rather than a sport.

Dune Dogz have a travelling surf team who frequent national events on the underground log circuit and there is always a spare seat going if you are keen to come along.

Typically Dune Dogz make it to the Semi Finals of these events but due to their humble nature they kook it to avoid a podium finish.

A typical road trip will include stops at various skateparks, rad looking waterfalls, a bunch of breaks that aren't on today but were pumping this one time in the mid 90’s, napping in vans, plenty of free coffee and beers, borrowing boards for your heat you have never ridden before, plenty of pumping waves and of course an epic after party which of course the Dune Dog is the life of.

This approach has created National Title holders such as George ‘Dangerman’ Zame and resulted in some stylish multi discipline watermen and women coming through the ranks.

Happy surfing!

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