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Talent of the future on display

22nd February 2021 The Gisborne Herald Jack Malcolm


Photo: Archie Alder.

Up-and-coming surfing talent was showcased when 91 children from across Tairawhiti descended on Midway Beach on Friday.


The grommets had highly contestable conditions that suited them for the OPSM Tairawhiti Junior Champs, Gisborne Boardriders Club surfing development manager Flo Bub said.


“It was pumping . . . we're so lucky. What a day on the beach, with 91 groms frothing out.”


Results —

Girls' push-in: Lola Dods 1, Lucy McDiarmid 2, Zosia Costello 3, Indie Williams 4.

Boys' push-in: Felix Tong 1, Jaxon Pardoe 2, Hunter Huhu 3, Lochie Joll 4.

Girls, Year 6 and below: Charlotte McDiarmid 1, Alice Varey 2, Amber Stirton 3, Rio Scott 4.

Boys, Y6 and below: Harry McFarlane 1, Archie Alder 2, Neko Dalton 3, Luca Tong 4.

Girls, Y7 and Y8: Hine Brooking 1, Ella Sutton 2, Mika Gordon 3, Taylor Newman 4.


Boys, Y7 and Y8: Shea Ferguson 1, Ollie Tong 2, Jett Dalton 3, Milo Livingston 4.

Girls, Y9 and Y10: Tewaiotu Fairlie 1.

Boys, Y9 and Y10: Eli Livingston 1, Kahu Ruru 2, Austin Fergus 3, Brad Wilkie 4.


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