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Longboard Bliss

1st May 2019 The Gisborne Herald

Trent tidy10 Winner Open Log

Photo: Open log winner Trent Lillis. Pictures by Origins of Light Photography

Flo Bub explains carefully because he is talking to someone who has never stood on a surfboard, and never will.

“A ‘log’ is a single-fin board with no real edges, whereas a modern longboard can have, say, three fins and is usually ’glassed a lot lighter.

“Both of them are nine-foot boards or longer, but the modern longboard has sharper edges and is usually much lighter. Surfing on it is more towards the experience of a shorter board. The log is not as manoeuvrable but gives a more traditional way of longboarding.”

Flo — “only my mother ever called me Florian” — can talk only of the “hang five” experience. “Hang ten” eludes him, even though he is Gisborne Boardriders Club surfing development manager.

“It’s a really good feeling being right on the edge of the front of the board (hanging five or 10 toes over the nose) and being able to ride it knowing you have nine feet of board behind you.

“If you are in the right spot, the wave wraps around the back of your board, and that allows you to ride the nose.

“On short boards everyone goes for a tube ride. On long boards a lot of it is getting as close to the nose as you can, although you usually try to mix it up with some turns.”

Longboarding contests are more relaxed than the shortboard variety, Flo says, and it is common for surfers to compete on a board borrowed from a fellow competitor.

“We are sharing . . . knowledge as well as boards.”

On Sunday, Gisborne Boardriders held the second event in the Gizzy Longboard Circuit. The first was on March 31 at “Pipe” in town and Sunday’s was at “Centres” at Makorori. Two more will be held this year, on October 20 and December 8, at whichever local beach has the best surf. Anyone can enter, with no fee if you’re a Gisborne Boardriders Club member.

After two events, Dan Croskery leads the open log division, with Guy Burns second and Hamiora Gibson third. Gibson leads the open modern, with Croskery second and Te Haukopa Ehau-Taumaunu third.

Top 10 surfers from Sunday — Open log: Trent Lillis 1, Croskery 2, Gibson 3, Bub 4, Burns 5, Troy Conole 6, Geordie Sawyer 7, Jinx Johnson 8, Kelly Ryan 9, Ehau-Taumaunu 10.

Open modern: Ryan 1, Croskery 2, Gibson 3, Bub 4, Ehau-Taumaunu 5, Andrew McCulloch 6, Sawyer 7, Josh Burt 8, Marguerite Vujcich 9, Johnson 10.

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